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David F. Pelly Writer, Researcher, Historian, Photographer

Above & Beyond
The In-Flight Magazine of First Air
Articles by David F. Pelly, 1989 - 2018

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"Linking Past and Future: The Northern Heritage Centre"  February 1989.
"International Expedition to Baker Lake"   February 1989.
"Whale Cove: Hanging on to the Traditional Culture"  April 1989.
"Father Rogatien Papion: He Saw Whale Cove Begin"  April 1989.
"Eric Anoee: Hunter, Writer, Artist, Philosopher"  April 1989.
"The Inuit Associations of the N.W.T." July 1989.
"The Keewatin: A Young Land, A Rich History"  October 1989.
"Yellowknife's Caribou Carnival" January 1990.
"Richard Beck: World Champion Dog-Musher" January 1990.
"Summer Solstice" April 1990.
"Sailing Great Slave Lake" July 1990.
"Pautiga" July 1990.
"New York" October 1990.
"The Fox Moth" February 1991.
"Mining"  April 1991.
"Across Boothia by Dog-sled"  April 1991.
"The Milk Run"  July 1991.
"Upstream Through the Barrens"  October 1991.
"Animal Rights, Human Rights"  January  1992.
"Arctic Weatherman"  July 1992.
"Kuujjuaq Entrepreneurs"  January 1993.
"Father Hubert Mascaret"  April 1993.
"Archie Larocque - Life as a Barrenlands Trapper" July 1993.
"Richmond Gulf - A Northern Quebec Jewel" April 1994.
"Willie Emudluk - Creating Opportunties"  July 1994.
"Marble Island Revisited" September 1994.
"Memories - New music, new meaning from William Tagoona"  January 1995.
"Torngat Mountains - Home to spirits of the Tungat" April 1995.
"Enduring Dreams - A Book Review"  April 1995.
“Footprints in new snow - The march toward Nunavut"  July 1995.
”Tudjaat - Combining traditional with modern music"  April 1996.
"Caribou & Mining - Can they co-exist?"  October 1996.
"Northern Hockey"  January 1997.
"Thelon River Sanctuary – What does the future hold?"  January 1997.
"The Seal Hunt - an ancient ritual"  April 1997.
"Wager Bay Oral History" July 1997.
"The Making of Nunavut" October 1997.
"Paul & Martha Kutsiutikku: Helping history on its way"  January 1998.
"Carving booms in Gjoa Haven"  January 1998.
"Ivujivik - Old Traditions Maintained"  April 1998.
"The Legend of Uvayok"  July 1998.
"Taloyoak"  October 1998.
"Remembering the Drum"  January 1999.
"Kitsissuarsuit: A community of hunters."  January 1999.
"Sanikiluaq: No longer the forgotten corner of Nunavut"  April 1999.
"Attima Hadlari: Drum-dancer."  July 1999.
"Inuk Charlie: Transforming a Legend into Stone."  July 1999.
"An Artist Meets a Challenge of Giant Proportions: The Work of Elsie Anaginak Klengenberg." October 1999.
"Greenland's Knud Rasmussen College."  January 2000.
"Qupirrualuk."  March 2000.
"The Seal Hunt Through an Era of Transition."  May 2000.
"Going Home to Kutgajuk"  July 2000.
A Sled Journey Back in Time” (Part 1) September 2000.
A Sled Journey Back in Time” (Part 2) November 2000.
“St. Roch II’s Voyage of Rediscovery” November 2000.
“Louis Pilakapsi, 1937-2000” November 2000.
“Lost?  Never!” January 2001.
“Recovery from the Seal Ban”  March 2001.
“Towards Magnetic North, A 1912 Journey by Canoe”  May 2001.
David Kaomayok – Indomitable Hunter”  July 2001.
Arctic River Diary” November 2001.
“The Ainu of Japan”  January 2002.
“Kiilliniq: The Land, Its People and Stories”  January 2002.
Iqaluktuuq:  Inuit Elders and Archaeologists Unravel our Past.”  March 2002.
“Our Ancestors are Happy”  May 2002.
“Kugaaruk:  Carrying Traditions into the Future”  July 2002.
“Cambridge Bay:  A Community with Heart & Soul” Sept 2002.
The Legend of John Hornby”  November 2002.
“Mabel Ekvanna Angulalik, 1925 – 2002”  January 2003.
Thomas Simpson – The man who could have changed the destiny of Franklin’s ill-fated expedition”  May 2003.
The Expedition of Radford & Street” (Part I)  July 2003.
The Expedition of Radford & Street” (Part II)  September 2003.
Roald Amundsen’s Northwest Passage”  November 2003.
David Pelly – The Man Behind the Words”  January 2004.
“They Will Have Our Words – Wisdom from the Dene Elders of Northern Saskatchewan”  March 2004.
“Our Struggle to Survive” (ed.) by Monica Adjuk, May 2004.
Alex Hall – Coming home to his love, the barren lands”  July 2004.
George Back – Arctic explorer-artist”  September 2004.
Hanningayurmiut Speak”  November 2004.
Hanningayurmiut Speak” (Part 2)  January 2005.
"The Thelon Sanctuary - Renewed Status Secured"  Mar/Apr 2005
"Whale Cove - The Little Town That Could"  May/June 2005
"Father Buliard's Mysterious Disappearance" July/August 2005
"The Journey of their Lives - Perry River to Gjoa Haven, 1967" Nov/Dec 2005
"Netsilik - A Place of Legends, A Place of Survival" Jan/Feb 2006
"Mauliq - A Winter Seal Hunt"  Mar/Apr  2006
"Inuktitut - A Remarkable Heritage, an Uncertain Future" May/June 2006
"A Summer on the Barrenlands, with James W. Tyrrell, 1900" July/Aug 2006
"Bishop Donald Marsh - Man of the Cloth, Early Arctic Photographer, 1926-50"  Nov/Dec 2006
“Anthony Manernaluk – Strength Through Adversity”  March/April 2007
“Diary of a Medical Researcher, Coral Harbour, 1949”  May/June 2007
“Lutsel K’e Speaks Out”  January/February 2008
“Sheetoga – Becoming a Man”  May/June 2008
“Nu-thel-tin-tua, Qikiqtariaktuk – An excerpt from The Old Way North” Nov/Dec 2008
"Soul Searching by Qajak" Jan/Feb 2009
"Beechey Island - Mecca of the North" May/June 2009
"Dene Reflections - an excerpt from The Old Way North" July/August 2009
"Caribou is Culture in Baker Lake" Sept/Oct 2009
"Guy Blanchet - The Last Explorer" Nov/Dec 2009
"Iquginnaq - A Difficult Life"  July/Aug 2010.
"Tahiuq & three Generations On"  Sept/Oct 2010.
"Ukkusiksalik - The HBC Arrives, 1925"  March/April 2011.
"Ukkusiksalik - An HBC Post with an Inuk Manager"  May/June 2011.
"Going Home to Tasiujaq"  May/June 2012.
"Bound for the Barrens"  March/April 2013.
"Dundas Harbour - Keeping Watch over the North West Passage"  July/August 2013.
"Bern Will Brown"  Jan/Feb 2015.
Connecting with Arviat’s Ancestors” Jan/Feb 2016
Ukkusiksalik: The People’s Story” (an excerpt) May/June 2016
Ayalik Fund” March/April 2018
“Building Self-Confidence in Northern Youth” Nov/Dec 2018
“Visit to the Wreck of HMS Erebus” Mar/Apr 2020
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